Moana is a 6 month old kitty girl who is dreaming of warm, sunny windows and tins of tuna and quietly purring on a lap.

Josie! *Adopted!

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Moana! *Adopted!


Scribble is an 8 week old, male kitty. He has little, white, whips all over that make him look mystical!


Raynie Skye is an 8 week old, female, Tabby kitten. She is still a bit shy, but is ready to admit that she loves being scratched and snuggled.

Raynie Skye!

Skittle is an 8 week old female. She has little, white, whisps all over that make her look sparkly! She also has a great purr.


Skittles! *Adopted!

Friends Of The Stokes Shelter Inc.

Hope and her kittens are a bit unsure about how they ended up at the pound and now the adoption center. They are all looking for furever homes that can teach them about true love and full food bowls!


Aristotle is a deep thinker and sometimes he does his best thinking with his eyes closed. He is a 3 year old Bombay, neutered male, house panther and he loves exploring all the best napping spots!

Josie is a young mother, about 10 months old. She is fiercely protective of her babies and has been an excellent mom. All her babies were adopted and she is still talking smack to all the other cats who dare to approach her, so we think she just isn't a cat person. She absolutely adores every human she meets and would be happy to be your new BFF!

Adoptable Cats

Fizz is a male, long haired, blue tuxedo kitty. He is 8 weeks old, a bit shy, but very snuggly and soft!