The FOSS Adoption center is able to operate because of generous donations from SUPPORTERS, LIKE YOU!  We would not be able to SAVE and re-home these animals without your contributions. Thank you!!


Donate to general fund!

Would you like to donate but do not have a specific area that you would like to donate to?  When donating to the "General Fund", you are donating to all of the areas that help to keep The Friends of Stokes Shelter Animal Adoption Center, doors open.

Donate in honor of loved one!

Donations made in remembrance honor your loved one's memory by helping ensure a better life for animals and giving hope to those still in need. We will send the family a card making them aware that their loved one has been honored.

Donate in memory of loved one!

Donate for Vet Care!

Donating to The Friends of Stokes Shelter Animal Adoption Center is a wonderful alternative to standard gift giving. It is a perfect way to honor the special people in your life. Not only will your Honor gift express your love—it’ll also help give the gift of life to animals in need. We will mail the one honored a card making them aware that they have been honored.

Your donation toward vet care will help with the cost we incur from routine vaccinations and deworming to flea and tick control, the expenses for basic care alone are never-ending. For some dogs, we must provide chronic medical treatment for skin conditions, ear infections, and other ongoing health issues.