You can create a lasting legacy and make an impact for decades to come with planned gifts that support The Friends of Stokes Shelter in its mission to rescue and find loving homes for animals in need.  Planned gift options typically involve donations of cash, property, or life insurance benefits. They can be structured in a will or estate plan, or through a trust agreement that also may provide you with tax advantages.

Bequests name The Friends of Stokes Shelter in your will with specific information on what you want to give.
Life Insurance policies can allow you to name The Friends of Stokes Shelter as a beneficiary.  Whole life policies allow for donating the policy’s accumulated value.  Tax-qualified Retirement Plans enable you to name The Friends of Stokes Shelter as a beneficiary or as a recipient of a percentage of the proceeds.
Qualified Charitable Distributions allow you to transfer funds directly from your IRA or qualified retirement account to The Friends of Stokes Shelter. A transfer may count toward your required minimum distribution and direct charity transfers result in no taxable income to you.  Trusts (revocable or irrevocable) enable you to manage funds and distributions to your
designated beneficiaries.  Transfer appreciated securities to The Friends of Stokes Shelter and receive an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the donated securities while also avoiding capital gains tax on the appreciated value.

We recommend that you seek legal or financial planning advice send the appropriate documentation and contact The Friends of Stokes Shelter so we can work together to ensure your wishes are followed.

The FOSS Endowment Fund was established in 2022, with the Winston-Salem Foundation serving as Trustee.  Contributing to this Fund means the principal balance (donation) remains invested in perpetuity while the accumulating interest is available for ongoing operating expenses such as animal feeding, veterinarian care, and adoption preparation.  By giving to the FOSS Endowment Fund, a donor, by virtue of interest earned on the investment, can forever be a part of caring for homeless dogs and cats at FOSS.  


Legacy/planned giving