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$50 – Food and enrichment toys for one pet
$100 – Flea/Tick/Heartworm Preventative and Vaccines for one pet
$250 – covers the spay/neuter for one pet








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VPP Monthly Giving Program!

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     Do you desire to adopt a pet but can't do so because of allergies, living circumstances, or other reasons?  Your heart wants to care for a pet but life says no.  Well, we have a program that can help you fulfill this desire that you are feeling as well as keep this facility running.  FOSS considers those of you who step up to the plate, our HEROES!
     In 2023 our team saved 280 amazing pets and we spent an average of $300 for each dog and cat in our care. Sometimes much more!! This covers spay and neutering, vaccines, and other needed care.
     When you join VPP as a monthly supporter, you join an incredible community of animal lovers who understand the importance of saving lives in our community.
     As a VPP, you will help us care for these amazing pets, and in return, you will receive a quarterly update on the pets that you have helped save and be listed as one of our HEROES!!
     Become a VPP by giving a monthly donation!  We will share updates about our incredible VPP Heroes on social media with adoption stories.

     A monthly donation of any amount will help to provide support for the animals in our care and give us confidence in knowing that your support will be there at the same time next month.

Your generous donation will help The Friends of Stokes Shelter Adoption Center keep saving the lives of precious fur babies.

You will be charged every month until you cancel
$25, $50, $100, Other
Minimum is $1.00
Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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